Elisabeth Brönnimann is the protagonist of the Living Lab of the Institute for Medical Informatics of the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

She is a fictitious person who shares the apartment integrated in the Living Lab with her husband Kurt.

The objective of the Living Lab is to create a laboratory environment which serves as a research and an educational centre. It recreates key components of services in healthcare such as a hospital with an operating room and an ICU, a GP’s practice, physiotherapy, pharmacy, interlinked/networked through health platforms, telemedicine services and healthcare services.

On the occasion of the first «Healthcare of the Future» conference in 2019 we award prizes for the best paper and presentation in the following categories:
Brönnimann’s Best Paper Award and Brönnimann’s Young Researcher Award respectively.

The prize money for each award is CHF 1000.- (~880 Euros, ~1000$)
The winners of «Brönnimann's Awards»
The winners of «Brönnimann’s Awards». On the left: Best Paper Award for William Hue, on the right: Young Researcher Award Gabriela Augustinov